KIDS RACE at the Joy Ride Bike Festival 2017

It would have been nice to start with the event itself. Joy Ride is the largest bicycle festival in the picturesque Malopolska region on the Czorsztyńskie lagoon. This year begins on May 26th under the volcanic mountain of Wdżar.
What does Simpla have to do with this event?
This year, we have funded KIDS RACE kids.
Young bikers will have the opportunity to compete on May 27th.
Depending on the age, the organizers have prepared appropriate routes for the kids.
Each participant will receive a diploma and a medal, and the first 180 will receive our KIDO CHOPPER fenders!

What do the organizers demand? Own bike, helmet, parent or guardian, and most importantly a smile on your face and a will to win!
We will keep our fingers crossed for all the small races.
We hope that our colorful prizes will remind the children of their hard work they put into the whole race and that it is worth having a dream and realize it.

We invite you to save your children.
More information can be found at

Developing news

We are pleased to announce the newly established cooperation with the Polish Champion in 4X - Mariusz Jarek who is a young, novice cyclist and is talented and ambitious.

Why Mariusz? First and foremost because we focus on young people. We are local patriots, we support Nysa talents. We focus on innovation. Here are a few words about Mariusz:

"I have been passionate about extreme mountain biking for many years. My first serious race was as a downhill rider. A few seasons later I started the career of a 4X cyclist and then enduro. This adventure still continues. With the fact that my sports goals are now primarily related to enduro competitions, participation in cycling festivals and enjoying the fun of riding on dirt trails. Recently I am also a beginner entrepreneur in the bicycle industry."


View the embedded image gallery online at:

Mariusz's greatest achievements:

* Season 2010: Polish Champion 4X - Junior category

* Season 2011: Polish Champion 4x - Elite category

* Season 2012:

- Polish Vice-Champion 4X - Elite category

- 2nd place in Polish Cup 4X

- 14th in the world ranking UCI 4X

- 10th place in the 4X European Championship

- 11th place in the 4X World Cup

* Season 2013:

- 3rd place in Polish Cup 4X

- 3rd place in the Polish BMX Racing Championship

* Season 2014:

- 10th Place in the 4X World Cup (Winterberg)

- 2nd place in the Polish Cup 4X classification

- 4th place in the 4X Polish Championship

- 1st place at Pumptrack Joy Ride Fest

- 3rd place in the Polish 4X Open classification

* Season 2015:

- Enduro EMTB 2015 2nd place - Junior category

- 3rd place in Enduro EMTB - Szklarska Poręba

- 6th place in Enduro EMTB - Mieroszów

- 5th place in Enduro EMTB - Ślęża

- 2nd place Pumptrack Joy Ride Fest

- 1st place Whip Contest - Joy Ride Fest


Both Mariusz and Simpla - we have ideas for further cooperation. We are very proud of the fact that Mariusz is such a young person and already has a lot of accomplishments. Watch us and Mariusz, we will keep you updated on the effects of cooperation.

You can find out more about Mariusz using the following links:


Facebook :

Sklep internetowy :

Instagram :



Invitation to Fair

Kielce Bike Expo 2017


The fair will take place from 21.09-23.09.2017.

There will be a surprise waiting for you on site! Our stand will be at Hall E-6.

We waiting for You !



"And the Grand Prix goes to Simpla" ... in summary, on the second day Simpla was pleasantly surprised.

Yes! The Grand Prix Statuette from Velonews portal went to our hands.

Why did we get it?

We were awarded in category of Polish product. Why in this category?

First of all, we can safely say here that we are first and foremost the only Polish factory producing plastic mudguards using a two-component injection. We are not interested in the quality of Chinese style, we focus on Polish production.

The fair – it was a really good opportunity to see new products for 2017. So the visitors came at our stage to find the new products. They admired our colourful products, like Kido and Ubiquit. The next attraction was our stand – in the sense of decoration. This year we decided that we have to be original! Our stand was evolving. Everything was in a bar’s climate. Quite dark decoration, additional lighting lamps and a lot of posters – the visitors were delighted!


Every year the fair Bicycle Expo becomes more and more interesting. The number of visitors and exhibitors has been dramatically increasing. If in this year you failed to participate in BicycleExpo, you’re welcome to the next one in 2017.

See you soon!



Yes! We are going to Eurobicycle. We are ready, the fair begins on 31.08 and ends on 04.09.2016. The Simpla team was involved in the preparation. Everyone was doing their job well, of course we wanted everything to be done to the smallest detail and with great precision. That's how it happened. We are proud of ourselves!

At the fair we will present mainly our cult and latest products. Among other things, these will be the Kido and Ubiquit mudguards – two-component products. The mudguards are available in a full colour range. That is why at the moment our motto is "Just play with the colours".

Welcome! You will find us here: Hall B, position 306.

More information about the fair:

See you there !


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