With this manufacturing technique it is possible to combine different materials and colours of plastic in a high quality whole. Mudguards stand out in terms of design and functionality and, in addition, are characterized by enormous durability, which can be seen at a glance - they are simply solidly made and they look fantastic!

We are developing new trends at Simpla. 







Our quality department is a real super hero in its class.

Simpla specialists have one of the most important tasks in the company

- they keep track of materials and production chains.

By regularly introducing improvements to both our products,

as well as style or work ergonomics.

We believe that quality control is fundamental

and we pay particular attention to this issue.

Thanks to this, complaints from our customers are a rarity!




Every ride is another challenge for mudguards. One thing is for sure: its profile counts as a barrier to dirt and water. An additional spleen actively supports and increases the protective area.

Length matters. Definitely!

With adopted solutions and assembly optimization, you can choose your type and customize the mudguard depending on the conditions.









Perfect match? Yes, it is possible. Our designers take care of every frame. Using the Long & Short Simpla Design - allows you two ways to assemble the rear mudguard. This allows you to control its position and adjust the distance from the wheel.

Every fan of two wheels knows that in the city the mudguard should stick to the tyre as much as possible, so it can protect the rider from the dirt from other road users. Riding in suburban areas requires, however, greater spacing between the tyre and the mudguard to protect the bicycle from damage.

And you? What kind of ride do you like?







Summer? Winter? With Simpla mudguards you can enjoy your passion in any weather, alone, with family and with a group of friends. Nothing can stop you from doing a long stretch of miles!

We also took care of that. Better protection is ensured by a special mudguard profile and a suitably composed set of materials. Thanks to this, you and people in the immediate vicinity of your bicycle are fully protected from mud and dirt. It's almost like you were driving in an impermeable bubble!

Your relatives will certainly thank you for that.







Our bicycles are true masterpieces, just look at these colours!

All you have to do is to choose your favorite bicycle to look great, stand out from the crowd and reflect your personality.

A bicycle does not have to be boring! More so, it should not be. Be creative: just keep mixing and experiment until you get the best effect.

Simpla mudguards are not a boring component. This is a real treat for fans of two wheelers. From now on, your bicycle will look really cool!






Simpla mudguards are not a sad necessity. We know that many bicycle gurus consider them a gloomy and unnecessary part of bicycle equipment. Our products contradict these opinions - they are not only aesthetically pleasing but they also have no common problems with noise. Well mounted are exceptionally quiet, they protect us from external factors and they give our bicycle a good fit. Exit the crowd and choose Simpla.



We are well aware of the fact that improper mounting of the mudguard is one of the most common reasons for damage or loss, so we try to make it as easy as possible. Simpla mudguards are a stable, rigid assembly, thanks to the use of side wires and recommended FIX tips, which further support the main construction. Regardless of your riding style, obstacle or weather conditions, your mudguard will hold well. 





Our mudguards are of a modern design, minimalist and glamorous. This addition is enough to completely change the exterior of your bicycle. Its futuristic look is certainly the pride of any owner who could no longer look at their machine. We employ the best design professionals making sure your mudguards follow current trends. By choosing our mudguards, you are stepping into modernity, so enjoy your passion!




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