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We are pleased to announce the newly established cooperation with the Polish Champion in 4X - Mariusz Jarek who is a young, novice cyclist and is talented and ambitious.

Why Mariusz? First and foremost because we focus on young people. We are local patriots, we support Nysa talents. We focus on innovation. Here are a few words about Mariusz:

"I have been passionate about extreme mountain biking for many years. My first serious race was as a downhill rider. A few seasons later I started the career of a 4X cyclist and then enduro. This adventure still continues. With the fact that my sports goals are now primarily related to enduro competitions, participation in cycling festivals and enjoying the fun of riding on dirt trails. Recently I am also a beginner entrepreneur in the bicycle industry."


Mariusz's greatest achievements:

* Season 2010: Polish Champion 4X - Junior category

* Season 2011: Polish Champion 4x - Elite category

* Season 2012:

- Polish Vice-Champion 4X - Elite category

- 2nd place in Polish Cup 4X

- 14th in the world ranking UCI 4X

- 10th place in the 4X European Championship

- 11th place in the 4X World Cup

* Season 2013:

- 3rd place in Polish Cup 4X

- 3rd place in the Polish BMX Racing Championship

* Season 2014:

- 10th Place in the 4X World Cup (Winterberg)

- 2nd place in the Polish Cup 4X classification

- 4th place in the 4X Polish Championship

- 1st place at Pumptrack Joy Ride Fest

- 3rd place in the Polish 4X Open classification

* Season 2015:

- Enduro EMTB 2015 2nd place - Junior category

- 3rd place in Enduro EMTB - Szklarska Poręba

- 6th place in Enduro EMTB - Mieroszów

- 5th place in Enduro EMTB - Ślęża

- 2nd place Pumptrack Joy Ride Fest

- 1st place Whip Contest - Joy Ride Fest


Both Mariusz and Simpla - we have ideas for further cooperation. We are very proud of the fact that Mariusz is such a young person and already has a lot of accomplishments. Watch us and Mariusz, we will keep you updated on the effects of cooperation.

You can find out more about Mariusz using the following links:


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