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The ADHD Long Front fender is a modern, split design that allows independent installation of the front or rear fender. Quick assembly and convenient use is enabled by the SPEEDclick snap adapter, which is screwed into the fork shaft. The design of its expansion elements allows for installation in the range of 18 - 36 mm, also fits 1.5” forks. In addition, the surfaces tangent to the hole were covered with a flexible material to prevent slipping in the hole. Flexible material was also used in the construction of the mudguard, which reduces its weight and gives a unique visual effect. Reflectors can save lives! According to this slogan, the fender was equipped with a reflective element designed to increase the visibility and safety of the cyclist.

The ADHD Long Rear mudguard is a modern, two-component construction that reproduces all the benefits of the award-winning HAMMER mudguard. Whether in a busy city or off-road, users will appreciate it for its unique design and comfortable adjustment. Fits all types of bikes, this versatility gives it the possibility of mounting on a seat post or below on the frame using a special SPEEDclamp, which combines the advantages of a screw clamp and clamping. The proven fork structure and the use of a double joint enables the mudguard to be perfectly adapted to the ergonomics of the frame and wheel. The wide fin made of high impact plastic provides maximum protection when riding in any terrain. In addition, the use of flexible material reduces the weight of the fender. In the rear part there is a reflective element improving the visibility of the cyclist.

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