The Kids series mudguards are built in the state-of-the-art two-component technology - so they do not appear to be adult in terms of technology and materials used. Thanks to that they are not only perfectly profiled and durable, but they can also be fantastically colourful. It’s exactly what every kid dreams of.  Kido is a dream come true for the youngest rider, and two-component technology is the means to achieve it. The magic of colours from Simpla!











Simpla's components exhibit versatility, thanks to the ability to attach them both on the tinplate and the bicycle post. It's an amazing convenience that makes a difference. At Simpla we care about every customer - that is why our product is easy to install even for people who do not have much knowledge in the field of bicycle service. It takes just a few minutes! Versatility only with Simpla.





Simpla Design Short & Simpla Design Long - Whether you prefer long or short mudguards, we give you the freedom to choose. All in all, because we focus on versatility and ease of assembly in our projects. So we have designed a product that you can easily adapt to your needs and preferences. Simpla mudguards will be changed according to your needs without any hassle! It's also real savings - there is no need to buy several mudguards for one bicycle.
It just pays!







Simpla mudguards are designed in the original way by shaping the reinforcement channel. Such a design not only promotes the mudguard's stability and improves its fastening, but also gives you the opportunity to play with the appearance of your bicycle. This is a great place for a reflective sticker that will improve your safety in bad lighting conditions or a colour sticker that will just look great. Simpla projects are mudguards full of opportunities!




Modern technology and the best materials guarantee that our mudguards will achieve the expectations of every fan of bicycle madness. Thanks to the two-component injection, they have a minimalistic and interesting design and also are stable and easy to assemble. That’s not everything! Simpla mudguards also provide additional reflective support that increases the safety of your baby after dark and a larger splash for better protection against dirt. All you need in one mudguard.







Mudguards of the KIDS series are a fabulous world full of colours. They fascinate and stimulate their imagination.

Your child can choose a mudguard in full joy for the mix of his favorite colours,

Thanks to that they will never look boring!

You certainly will not have to encourage them to ride,

and your child will proudly present their equipment to their friends.

You have many colours to choose from – have fun and have a great time with us!













A ride with your baby after dark is not a black scenario.

In our climatic conditions, the winter is a daily routine - the sun sets in the early afternoon, often when our child returns from school.

Reflective stickers greatly increase their visibility for all around, giving it safety.

That's great!

Take care of your baby's safety while riding with Simpla mudguards.





Children's bicycles, like children's world, are governed by their laws, which do not apply to adults.

Simpla perfectly understands the needs of the youngest. The low weight of the mudguard means a lighter bicycle - thanks to that, every toddler, without undue burden, can drive as fast as they can!

The low weight of the bicycle, however, is not only a limitation of resistance but also greater safety during the fall. It's a great convenience for parents who have to carry their children's bicycles with their shopping bags more than once. Low weight is the key!





Our mudguards are a real treat for choppers. Their shape is the fruit of many years of work and fulfillment of our ambition. Just look at it - the characteristic line, the minimal design, the unusual shape of the mudguards and its colours and patterns. How can they change each bicycle has really stunned us. Simpla mudguards are not a mere ingredient – it's the Rolls Royce in its class. Undoubtedly, you cannot be indifferent to them.









The concept of versatility in the field of bicycles does not exist. Bicycle needs are different depending on whether you are a teenager, a student or infant. Simpla children's mudguards are available in 12 ", 16’-18” and 20 "sizes. The wide range of sizes makes it easy for them to fit most bicycles. The right fit provides better protection while driving, greater stability, and consequently higher mudguard strength. If the bicycle grows with comfort, then the mudguards also do so.

Age does not play a role at Simpla! From a toddler to an old man, your kid will find something for themselves and their own characteristics.











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