The material we use in our mudguards must be the best. The durability of the plastics is a guarantee of the strength of our mudguards; therefore we approach this choice with great care. Our way is to search for the right raw material, quality tests and a number of improvements. Finally, we chose High Impact, which stands out among other high resistance to external factors - mechanical damage and weather conditions. We are proud of the quality of our and we like to be reliable.





We do not choose whether our product should be safe or rather to show an interesting design. We are not interested in compromises. We have managed to combine both of these advantages in one product thanks to modern production technologies.

Powder coating of steel elements and the pad printing method supported by numerous reflectors are our ways of achieving this goal. Thanks to this, bicycles with Simpla's mudguard looks great in the day and after dark will increase your safety in every way. That's the point!




We are not interested in any botch-up, improvisation or makeshift condition.

We focus on modern technologies and production made in Poland. Good quality is the basis and we are really proud of it!

Therefore, Simpla's mudguards are injection molded with thermoplastic technology.
This makes them a single unit i.e. a body which is not only extremely durable, but also looks really great.




We have implemented a number of solutions that make our product ergonomic and functional in our mudguards. The two-point rear mudguards joint is a better fit and therefore more comfortable to use.

SPEEDstrap and SPEEDclick are our innovative handles to help with the quick and easy mounting of the mudguard to your bicycle.

Not only do we listen to our customers at Simpla but we are passionate and we know what is really useful.






First of all it was just a dream. We all wanted our products to be of the best quality and not just a marketing slogan because an empty text is completely irrelevant. We started the tests. There were various ideas and suggestions. Finally, we decided that we were not interested in half measures but to create our mudguards of the best materials available on the market. Such a choice is our satisfaction - we know that our team did everything so that the product delivered was simply the best. What does this mean to you? Safety, economy, durability - aside from these advantages it is difficult to pass by indifferently.











Our mudguards adjust conveniently and extremely easily. This is not a problem; you can select the model of your bicycle and adjust to your convenience. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that regardless of the type and designation of your equipment, the Simpla mudguard will fit perfectly and fulfill its task 100%. It's a lot more than just comfort - a well-fitted mudguard ensures greater safety and a longer service life. Such things come only with Simpla!






Our mudguards definitely change the face of the bicycle, providing it with the proverb, "it's something". Every motif is a well thought out graphic design that makes us stand out among the competition. We love predatory accents, Hammer's "cobra eyes", Kido's choppers geometry, the Winged Cross, that's what you love about our equipment. The ability to add reflective elements, printed stickers or tampon printing technology is another energy accent that will make your bicycle look phenomenal!




Nowadays you do not have to analyze every corner of your bicycle, looking at the frame and fork to determinate which mudguard fits. At Simpla we have made sure that the mudguard’s assembly is as flexible and simple as possible, adapted to the various solutions available on the market.

Therefore, regardless of whether the mudguard hole is in the fork, around the rear forks, the type of shock absorber or accessories.

With Simpla you will be able to mount it without any problems. That’s convenient, right?

We invite every rider to have fun and design!






A wide profile provides maximum protection level.

During rain or snow, not only will it protect you and your bicycle from dirt, but also protect bicyclers from the rear. Thanks to that, they perform very well both in urban riding, in the forest or in the park.

Our specially profiled mudguard is a guarantee that you will be able to enjoy riding in any weather!









Rough terrain, bushes, woods, dirt roads and steep slopes - Mountain biking fans stay off the tarmac to take up the challenges which riding off road brings.
This is a sporty test, even when you do not do any tricks and sky evolutions. MTB is definitely not a sport for people who do not like to get stuck.
We do not hide away from the mud, snow and rain, as well as numerous dumpers and falls are an inherent part of this beautiful discipline.
That's why the Simpla mudguards are made of materials that are easy to clean and flexible so that subsequent falls leave them unbroken.
This is a great convenience for anyone who cycles along their own path. Feel free to cycle





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